Galoora dashboard is a PHP MySQL dashboard script that allows you to create visual data in the easy way. Galoora dashboard helps you to make any chart, infobox and tabular report from multi data sources including MySQL, PostgreSQL and Excel Files.

Galoora Dashboard equipped with SQL builder for simple query, so you can grab your data easily, you don't have to write SQL query manually unless it's a complex query. Galoora Dashboard also has filter feature that makes you easily adjust your visual data.

Creating online visual data might important for you and pensae dashboard helps you to:

  1. Manage data sources, you may create multiple data sources form MySQL, PostgreSQL and Excel files.

  2. Creating visual data in various format, for example Infobox, multiple types of chart and also table

  3. Creating filter for visual data, for example you create visual data chart for monthly employee recruitment, with our tools you may create time range filter slider, gender select option and also checkbox employee age range

  4. Creating insight from several visual data that has the same column, so we can create the same filter for several visual data.

  5. Manage user and access rights

  6. Sharing visual data or insight to other user

  7. Creating menu for user convenient


Database Connection

Manage database connection with ease, we support MySQL database and PostgreSQL database, it's equipped with test connection tool.

Query Builder

Build database query easily with query builder, it's save your time.

Visual Data

Build and edit great looking visual data, you may create as much as you need visualizations in one Visual Data content.


Create and edit multiple type of visualizations including infobox, chart and table


Create and share insight form multiple visual data

Distribute your content (visual data, insight) to the right user with the menu

Addon Plugin News (optional)

Create and publish news to your user, to share any information that user need

User Management

Create user, role and access rights with ease

TV Visualization

TV visualization lets you monitor trend charts or other charts using flat-screen TVs making it easier to observe data movement.